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Pre School Curriculum

During our induction children are assigned a key person who will work with parents to identify children’s key strengths and needs of their child. Parents are offered opportunities to stay with their child on first visits settling them into our nursery and developing a relationship with their key person.

Working with parents, we put the child at the heart of what we do supporting the child and providing an effective and high quality standard of care. Staff plan around their key children’s next steps and children’s interests to promote a positive outcome in their learning. A tailored individual learning plan will be created and reviewed every six weeks.

We also follow, Quality Improvement in Learning and Teaching which improves the quality of our teaching by information gathering, action planning, implementation, evaluation and moderation and we use the online learning journal, Tapestry. This assists our practitioners in assessing their key children’s development and progress and keeps the parents fully engaged and able to actively participate and contribute directly in their child’s learning journey and progress whilst within the setting.